One day, Djantavi the crown prince of the great kingdom of the forest is sick. Very anxious, his father the lion king Djantagan I called all the animals, he asked them the cause of the disease and the way to cure it. Then the inhabitants of the forest, in a fright which they could not conceal, took the floor one by one and made propositions. Unfortunately, all the remedies proposed by the animals had already been tried by the lion king. He no longer knew what saint to vow when suddenly, the hare who until then had not yet spoken spoke:
"The great marabout of the forest we visited yesterday, the tortoise and I told us what to do to make our beloved prince re-established. A great silence fell on the audience. The hare continued:
"The great marabout told us that Djantavi the prince could only cure if he drank turtle blood.
It should be pointed out that since the day when Madame Turtle used malice to beat the hare in the race, the latter lives only in anticipation of the day of his vengeance. After the intervention of the hare, the guards of the lion king were about to seize the lady tortoise when she asked to speak. When the king granted her, she did not fail to astonish her world:
"My dear friends, I should like to tell his majesty that the hare has said the truth in his speech. But he forgot to mention that the great marabout was categorical on one point; For the blood of the turtle to be effective, it must be spread over a heart freshly plucked from the hare. That is why I give my blood.
The tortoise made a small notch in one of its legs and collected a little blood in a small calabash which it gave to the guards of the king. A few seconds later, the same guards seized the hare, which they sacrificed in a fraction of a second. The minute after, his heart was ripped and smeared with tortoise blood. The remedy thus concocted was administered to the Prince.
In conclusion, by wanting to be smarter, the hare lost his life. But the most astonishing thing is that chance or coincidence, Djantavi by ingesting the famous remedy regained its full form. The lion king was happy and in the bush, all the animals could sleep peacefully ...

ZANGBETO (African Performing Arts Festival)

ZANGBETO is a cultural 
Appointment of internationally renowned artists and diverse horizons. It is also a meeting that highlights African art in all its grandeur. Thus at this meeting, the presentation of culinary, clothing, musical, choreographic art takes place. All the benefits generated by the evening will be devoted to humanitarian aid in Togo


The association exhibits at the fair of the three days of the city of la Ferté-bernard African art objects, followed by a sale whose revenues allow the artists who made them to live from their craft. .


We organize African dance lessons every Tuesday outside school holidays in the Escal (music and movement space) at Ferte-Bernard. For any information, please contact us using our contact page. Or call us on 07 86 22 30 76/06 47 78 27 32


48 rue Robert Surmont

72400 La Ferte - Bernard

Tel: 07 86 22 30 76 - 06 59 61 39 93